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You need content. And not just any content. You need the kind that captures the attention of your website’s visitors. The kind that keeps them reading and doesn’t let them leave. When they can finally rip themselves away from your website, you want them to tell their friends.

That’s the kind of content you need.

That’s the kind of content I create.

To order articles, blog posts, or web content packages, contact me.

My Writing Services

Article Packages - When you need custom-built, 100% unique articles that draw both people and the search engines into your website, these are the packages you need to order. Whatever your market, good content can boost revenues.

Blog Post Packages - When you need someone to create blog posts that will excite, rouse and engulf your readers, these packages are waiting for you.

Web Content Packages - Content that is written for websites is vastly different than other content. It requires a completely different approach. When you’re ready to build or expand your website, these packages can help it burst out of the gates.

SEO Article Packages - Sometimes, content needs to be built specifically for the search engines. But, creating high-quality articles that are formulated for Google and Yahoo while retaining their instant appeal to readers is an art. These article packages deliver.

How You Can Use My Content

I’ve been providing my clients with high-quality content for their websites, blogs and email newsletters for a long time. This content is what brings the search engine spiders running to your website. It’s what grabs eyeballs and refuses to let them go. It’s what keeps people on your website and drives them back for more over and over.

It’s what motivates your visitors to tell their friends about your website.

But, that’s not the only way you can use the content that I’ll create for you. Here are a few other ideas to get your creative marketing juices flowing…

  • put the articles on your sites and blogs for organic search engine traffic
  • use them to help boost your PPC quality scores and lower your minimum cost per click
  • use my articles as content for quickly building websites that you sell or “flip” to others for profit
  • submit them to article directories for backlinks to your website
  • use my articles to create hub pages on sites like Squidoo and HubPages for more backlinks to your website
  • put them in your autoresponder sequences for email newsletters and campaigns
  • use my articles to create ebooks or reports for your customers
  • use them for content in your membership website

When you’re ready to get started, contact me.

Whether you need articles, blog posts, web content, or SEO articles, I can put together a package of content that will help make your business successful.

Let’s talk about your project. Whatever the content it needs, I’ll put it together for you.

- Damon Zahariades