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If you’re not running a blog on your website, you’re missing a huge traffic opportunity. Years ago, they started as self-absorbed diaries. Every blogger seemed to be a 12-year old narcissist with a chip on his shoulder. Today, major corporations blog. The reasons?

Reader participation, customer loyalty and traffic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a real estate agent, a veterinarian, or a restaurant owner. The fact is, blogs rock. Your website’s visitors will keep coming back to read what you have to say. They’ll tell their friends. Others will start linking to your blog if the content is inspired.

And that’s where I come in. I have 3 different blog posting packages to offer you. Each one is designed for unique blogging needs. When you decide to start a blog, here’s how I can help you (contact me to order)…

Single Blog Post Rates:

300 words: $30

400 words: $40

The “Blog Flood” Package

5 blog posts delivered to you each week:

For hardcore blog owners who want to literally pummel their readers with a constant onslaught of fresh, crisp and engaging blog posts. My “Blog Flood” Package is perfect for posting once a day, Monday through Friday. Every day, load a new blog post that entices your readers and dares them to participate. Just when your readers are catching their breath, you drop another tantalizing blog post on them. I can even post them for you, one per day. If you’re trying to build a blog with authority (think, my “Blog Flood” Package is the solution.

  • 5 300-word blog posts: $150
  • 5 400-word blog posts: $200

The “Turn Up The Heat” Blog Package

3 blog posts delivered to you each week:

My “Turn Up The Heat” Blog Package is designed for blog owners who want to blog at least 3 times per week. This is the ideal blog package to give your readers something to chew on a few times each week. Keep them coming back for more. They’ll begin participating in your blog’s comments, talking with other readers. Promote products, sell advertising, or get your readers to sign up for your newsletter. The “Turn Up The Heat” Blog Package is built for flexibility with your blog.

  • 3 300-word blog posts: $90
  • 3 400-word blog posts: $120

The “Slow Simmer” Blog Package

1 blog post delivered to you each week:

My “Slow Simmer” Blog Package is perfect if you want to run a blog and simply maintain it once a week. Give me the 4 topics you’d like to cover on your blog. I’ll hit the ground running. Or, simply tell me to think up the topics within your market or industry and write about them. I’ll send the blog posts to you on any day that works with your schedule. Or, if you’re looking for a true “hands off” approach, I can post them on your blog for you.

  • 1 300-word blog post: $30
  • 1 400-word blog post: $40

If you’re looking for an ongoing package of blog posts that fits your unique blogging needs and don’t see it on this page, contact me today. Want 17 blog posts per month? No problem. Want blog posts that are 450 words long? I’ll create a special package for you. Remember, when I’m your blogger, I’ll blog however you prefer.

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