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Writing articles that are crafted to attract the search engines and give them exactly what they want is tricky. Sure, anyone can toss keywords into an article. But, that is not creating search engine optimized articles. That’s called keyword spamming. Google and Yahoo despise it. Even worse, your website’s visitors can smell it.

And nothing kills your image faster than rotten-smelling, keyword-spammed web content.

The SEO articles that I’ll create for you read well. They’re engaging. They’re tantalizing. Your audience will be pulled into them and won’t even notice that the content is built to attract the search engines. The reason is because they’re written with a natural flavor and tone. Yet, they appeal to both basic search engine algorithms and LSI formulas.

Here’s how it works… you provide me with the keywords. For each article, give me the primary, secondary and tertiary (if you prefer) keywords. I’ll work them into the articles according to what I know about SEO (I’ve been following Google and Yahoo for years).

If your competition is killing you in the search engines, these SEO Article packages will help (contact me to order)…

Single SEO Article Rates:

400 words: $40

500 words: $50

Ongoing SEO Article Packages:

20-pack (Level 1):

This package of 20 SEO articles pushes the algorithmic limits. Don’t give the search engines a break. Use these articles to assault Google and Yahoo with themed content specifically-crafted to get them addicted. If articles were drugs and the search engines were addicts, this 20-pack of articles makes you the dealer. Feed the content to the engines slowly, keeping them addicted. Or, unleash an onslaught of carefully-crafted SEO articles that practically make Google and Yahoo blow a gasket. Want to get their attention? This is the ongoing article package you need.

* delivery can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or according to your needs.

  • 20 400-word articles: $800
  • 20 500-word articles: $1,000

12-pack (Level 2):

12 instantly-readable articles specifically created to cater to the search engines’ algorithms. This ongoing package of SEO articles can be used to create a new themed website in less than a day. Or, use this pack to build a 10-page themed website that virtually lassos the search engines and pulls ‘em in while submitting the other 2 articles for backlinks. This mid-level plan provides plenty of flexibility at a price you can afford.

* delivery can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or according to your needs.

  • 12 400-word articles: $480
  • 12 500-word articles: $600

4-pack (Level 3):

My SEO Article 4-pack is a great starter package. If you’re slowly submitting articles to the article directories (for those precious backlinks), this package of content is perfect. Or, you can use this 4-pack of goodies to build a quick website that instantly gives Google and Yahoo what they’re looking for. If you already have a website and you’re looking for backlinks, use this package of SEO articles to build them. Here’s another idea… slowly feed one of these articles to your website each week. The search engines will see the thematically-related content and gobble it up.

* delivery can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or according to your needs.

  • 4 400-word articles: $160
  • 4 500-word articles: $200

I’ve created these SEO article packages to offer you any range of flexibility you need for your website. But, I also realize that you may have unique content needs. If you’d like me to create a unique package of articles for you that will help bring the search engines to your door while absorbing your audience, contact me today. Let’s talk about your project. I’ll put together a unique package finely-tuned SEO content that meets your needs.

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