I’ve included my prices upfront and center for the writing services I provide. You can find them for each of my content packages by clicking below…

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Why Are My Prices And Rates Posted?

I’ve posted my rates for 2 reasons.

First, they’re competitive. That’s another way of saying they’re below the rates of other writers. That makes me look good.

Second, I like being upfront and transparent to clients. It’s easier for clients. And it’s much more pleasant for me.

Everyone wins.

How To Order Content Packages

Ordering content packages is incredibly easy.

First, take a look at what I offer (the links to my various packages are above).

Second, send me a quick email. Let me know what kind of content package you’re interested in and the general topics you’d like to focus on.

That is. Simple as pie.

I may have a few questions about your project. We can flesh the details out to your preference.

Once I have a good grasp of what you’re looking for, I’ll provide a deadline to which I can commit.

So, if that works well for you, take a peek at my content packages. Then, email me and say hello.