I craft elegant, exciting content for my clients. That’s my job. Here are a few of my clients’ comments about the content I’ve created for them…

Client Testimonials


“I am very happy with Damon’s articles and service. When I placed my order, I told him I wasn’t in a hurry. He replied that was great as he wanted to get some others out of the way first. So, I was expecting a 2 - 3 week wait, which was just fine with me. About a week later, I received my articles. The articles are extremely well written, easy to understand, and exactly what I was looking for.

“Thanks Damon! Add me to your satisfied (and soon to be repeat) customers list.”

Michael Thomson - Pontiac G8


“Damon just finished a very large order from me (30 Articles) and every single one is fantastic. Highly recommended!!!

Derrick Shields - Web Pro Leads


Fantastic work. Definitely recommend Damon. Delivered a day early and quality was far better than expected. Already planning my next round.”

Brandi Koskie - Media Refined


“I tried Damon’s service and the content is of absolutely top-notch quality. Good Show Damon.”

Lord Brar - Domaining Tips


“This is a short review of my experience with Damon’s content writing services.

“Before ordering my first article from him, I had a bunch of questions, Damon took the time to answer me in details very quickly. I could see right away that communication with him would be very easy.

“My articles so far have always been delivered on time ( sometimes even a bit in advance ) and the quality has been excellent.

“I have been using a few different writers and I would say that Damon is one of the best, when he writes your articles he really tries to make it interesting for the reader and you can tell that he did research on the subject. Damon goes beyond just writing keyword stuffed articles. In fact, he already refused to write some articles for me about a subject that was very hard to research (very little info available online), he felt that the quality of the articles would not be good enough so he declined even after I insisted telling him that i didn’t care about quality :P ( I was doing this strictly for SEO… )

“Damon isn’t the cheapest writer you can find, but you get what you pay for. I will be ordering from Damon again (in fact, I’m waiting for some articles at the moment.)”

Louno Morose - Poker Tips And Strategies


“Ordered a few more packages, and the quality still holds; exceptional. Damon is great to work with and I’ll continue to do business with him in the future. Highly recommended.”

Michael Nevens - Baby Diapers


“I ordered a package from Damon and this was the first time I have EVER outsourced my content because I am so picky about what needs to be written, but I thought “what the hell” and was too busy to write my own at the moment.

“I was surprised by the outcome. For $25 I got 3 very high quality original articles using the keywords and topics I sent him. Damn good service I must say.

“I will for sure be ordering more in the future and using these articles to full extent. Everything was smooth and easy when dealing with him.

“Fantastic work. Definitely recommend Damon….”

eliquid” on Wicked Fire forum